Kunimitsu Takahashi has done many things and accomplished many goals. In the timeline below it will give brief but detailed information about certain periods in his life.


Begins racing career on a motorcycle first Japanese rider to win WC motorcycle GP

Kunimitsu first made a name for himself by starting on a motorcycle first before transitioning to cars. He was 18 when he took his first race victory on the 1958 All Japan Motorcycle Series. In 1960 he traveled to Europe to compete in the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, scoring 4th place. In 1961 after becoming a racer for Honda bikes he raced the 250cc Honda RC162, winning victory iat the German GP at Hockenheim, becoming the first Japanese rider to win a World Championship event, before winning the 125cc Ulster GP at Dundrod.


He has a serious accident on the Isle of Man TT ends his motorcycle racing career making him consider partaking in a 4 wheel racing career

He continued racing in world championships until 1963, he won the Spanish and French 125cc GP's, but his motorcycle career took a sudden drop when he had a serious accident on the Isle of Man TT in 1962. By 1964 he had made the move from motorcycles to car racing to work for Nissan. He adapted quickly, driving Datsun roadster, he won many events and finished in the podium for many events.


Makes his way over to open wheel cars starting with Japanese F2000

Takahashi has started using other makes other than Honda, driving a 742 BMW scoring a 22 points thanks to a 3rd and a 4th place on Fuji Raceway. He proved he was a good driver and became interested in open wheel cars, which just began to flourish in japan. In 1975 he made his first two starts in the series by qualifying 2nd in Fuji. 


Takes his place as private entrant at Fuji

Takahashi gets his chance when world champion Grand Prix comes to Fiji, at this time private entrants were still allowed. Takahashi enlisted a trusty Tyrrell 007 F1, dating back to 1975. Interestingly Takahashi was the only one to race in Dunlops, while everyone else either raced in Goodyears, or Bridgestone. there was a big accident which let James Hunt take lead from Takahashi, getting slowed down by the commotion of the accident.


Suzuka victory and musical chairs with teams

Takahashi makes another victory on Suzuka, but after that he gradually started going down in terms of performance. In 1980 he worked with Royce Racing but soon switched to Suzuki and was still seeing bad results, so he then moved to the shift team, though this didn't work out for him either, so he finally went to Nova engineering.That move helped him as he scored 2 second place finishes and one 6th place of the series.


finishes in high positions before his second decline, final season marks good-by to 1-seaters after 3 lost seasons

Takahashi started finishing in good positions throughout the season, but one race just totally set him off balance. After scoring 15th place his scores started going down, but in 1987 his consistency kept him going for a bit. After two races in Suzuka and Fuji counted the end of his single-seater victory, he quit Nova and joined Advan Sports. But after that the absence of Nova made dramatic results on his wins. He would continue racing sports cars but just not one-seaters.


Joins Team Kremer and Honda and remains loyal and Team Kunimitsu become Mid-Fielders, but eventually take second place.

Takahashi gets entered in Le Mans with a Honda NSX which ended up him finishing 18th, through out the years he uses the NSX as one of his lucky race cars, through on out the Honda NSX has been like a common car for sport car racing. through out 1966 he drove it and he only got midfield results.

1977- 2000

Celebrating Honda's anniversary with a bang, turns 60 retires, joins as president of GT association of Japan.

As a celebration of Honda's 50th anniversary Takahashi drove the original Honda bike that he rode to victory setting a racing record. After competing in many diffrent races, when he turned 60 he decided to retire and become the president of the Japan GT Assocation.


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